Love Slave: Sizzle Release!

12799139_10154626257929278_5676305287062862797_nToday marks the release of the anthology Love Slave: Sizzle! My contribution is a short story titled, Spicy Kisses. 

This story is dear to my heart because it’s based on true events. While yes, they are changed and fictional portions added, the night this story was based on changed many things for me.

I used to have such horrible PTSD that kissing was painful. But one night my girl and I went out to meet my Dom at a lovely Mexican restaurant and I got over the pain that had plagued me since I began dating. It means so much to me that this story is now available for others to read. ❤

Oh, and reliving it as I wrote… So fantastic!

There are many amazing authors in this! I hope you all enjoy!

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