Silence is Golden: Contemporary Kink-Inspired Erotica Release

I’m excited to announce that Silence is Golden: Contemporary Kink-Inspired Erotica has released. Edited by Anna Sky and featuring stories from Annabeth Leong, Dale Cameron Lowry, Sienna Saint-Cyr (me!), Leandra Vane, Anna Sky, and Janine Ashbless

My submission in this anthology was a difficult story to write as I pulled from childhood trauma and used my own struggles to relate to the main character. I’m so pleased to be able to share it. ❤


If someone is unable to speak, how do they communicate with their partner? If a sub or Dom can’t hear well in crowds but loves to play at parties, what mechanisms are in place to ensure everyone stays safe?

The kink-inspired stories in Silence is Golden are sexy and bold. You’ll meet strong, diverse characters across the spectrum of sexuality who revel in their desires. From silent Doms and Deaf lovers to submissives who can’t be silenced and those who seek out the quiet. This sizzling collection brings together the finest erotic stories from Annabeth Leong, Dale Cameron Lowry, Sienna Saint-Cyr, Leandra Vane, Anna Sky and Janine Ashbless.

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