Bronies in Space

Because I’m feeling sad tonight, I’m sharing Bronies in Space. I wrote this under my legal name but for my purposes here, will put my pen name with it.


Bronies in Space!

by Sienna Saint-Cyr

“No.” Benny put up his hand. “I’m sure it was Spock.”

“You’re trippin. It was Captain Kirk. I would bet my custom painted Arisia Lang Twilight Sparkle pony on it.” Alice plopped down on the shaggy plaid sofa and rested her feet on the seventies-style wood table.

“No way… I’m right. I’ll prove it.” Benny pushed the black Buddy Holly glasses further up on his nose. His chunky brown hair fell into his line of sight as he thumbed through several rows of DVDs. “That pony is as good as mine.”

Thunder cracked outside his house, rattling the upstairs glass. Both Benny and Alice straightened.



“When are your roommates getting home?”

“Dunno.” He shrugged and went back to flipping the DVDs.

“Should we, maybe, go downstairs or something?”

“Nah, we’ll be fine.”

“That’s the second time this happened though. What if the storm gets worse?”

Benny abandoned proving his point, though in his mind it was only a temporary forfeit—that custom painted pony would be his—and he sat next to Alice on the sofa. She instantly snuggled under his arm. His cheeks reddened the closer she got.

“You’ll be okay, Alice. This isn’t Kansas.”

Alice didn’t respond verbally as she twirled her fuzzy mane in her fingertips. The freckles on her pale skin looked like celestial maps. Benny traced shapes on her arm, connecting one mole to the other. When the lights flickered and protested, the two snuggled even closer than before. Finally, the lights dimmed and everything went black.

“Don’t panic,” Benny felt around for his flashlight. “I’m prepared.” He flicked it on and held it toward the ceiling.

Lightning lit up the room, followed by a rolling crack. With the room illuminated, Benny could see the whites of Alice’s eyes. They were glazed over like a cow on its way to slaughter. Before he could make sense of her overreaction, another thud came, but this one shook the entire house.

Benny ran to the window to pull the shutters closed when he saw the source of the thud, and it wasn’t thunder. Something roughly thirty feet in diameter was resting peacefully on top of the wheat in the field, pressing each stalk awkwardly to the ground. There were no flames, no skid marks, and oddly, no object of any kind. Yet there was clearly something pressing the wheat down.

“Alice!” he ran back to her and pulled her from the couch. She instantly tucked her feet behind the table to protest his pulling.

“No!” She shook her head so vigorously that her frizzy hair resembled a troll doll.

“Seriously! Come here!” Benny looked at his Star Trek figurines, and exact replicas of the Enterprise C, then back to the empty space manipulating the broken wheat. “Please, there’s something out there.”

Alice drug her feet as she walked, twisting her hands over one another repeatedly. As she reached the window, parts of the pressed wheat became visible under the moonlight, illuminating brighter as another flash of lightning raced across the open sky. Her eyes widened and Benny’s pulse quickened.

“What is it?”

“I don’t know,” his eyes wandered back to the ships suspended from his ceiling, “but I think it might be an alien vessel.”

“Do you think?” her voice trembled.

“Maybe. Doesn’t that look like a crop circle?”

“I suppose so, but…” before Alice could finish her sentence, the sky went dark again, lit only by the half-moon.

“Come on! Let’s check it out!” Benny grabbed her hand again and pulled Alice toward the stairs.

“No!” she shook her head. “I can’t go out there!”

“You have to, what if there are aliens here and they’re in need? We have to see what it is.”

Benny watched as Alice’s eyebrows furrowed and he gently pulled her toward him. “I know you’re scared shitless right now, but if you come with me, I promise to surrender. I won’t take your pony.”

Her jaw dropped and a scoff escaped her mouth before any words. “You weren’t going to win, I was.”

Benny walked back to the DVDs and pulled out one of them, raising it high above his head, lit by the glow of the flashlight. “The Voyage Home, roughly ten minutes in. You wanna wait for the power to come back on and lose Twilight Sparkle? Or you wanna trust me and come outside? Either way, I’m going.”

Alice appeared to be lost in thought for a moment, her contemplations obvious to Benny as he watched her chew on the inner side of her cheek. “Fine. But I want to hold the flashlight.”

“Fair enough.” Benny took one last look at the Enterprise C hanging above him and headed for the stairs.


The frozen wheat crunched under his feet as he neared the mass occupying the field. Hair on the back of his neck rose the closer they got. Alice lingered several feet behind him.

“Well?” she asked as Benny leaned toward the empty space.

Benny didn’t answer, he merely reached out his hand, palm first, and waved through the air. His stomach lurched the moment his fingers met something colder than ice. It felt like tiny knives of freezing metal digging into his skin. The shock caused him to stumble backward, falling over Alice’s feet.


“What the hell?” He hopped up and scooted back, pulling her with him. “There is something there!”

“Should we call the cops?”

“Are you insane? They’d just quarantine the area and we’d never meet our guests.” Benny, intent on meeting the out-of–towners, approached again. This time slower, prepared for the cold and sharp texture.

He ran his hand over about three feet of the object before hitting what felt to be a crack. Benny dug his finger inside and pulled sideways, just enough for a small hand to reach inside whatever the monstrosity was. “Help me,” said to Alice.

She came forward and dug her hand inside. “There’s a button in here.”

Benny froze. Then watched in horror as Alice reached for the button. “No! Don’t push i—” But it was too late.

His heart pounded like a drum in his chest. He waited for something to happen, for some terrifying alien to pop out, but nothing came.

“What?” Alice shrugged. “It’s just a button.”

“Says the girl who five minutes ago was freaking out!” Benny took a deep breath, then mimicked her with a hint of sarcasm. “It’s just a button, what could possibly go wrong?”

As if fate itself was answering him, a bright flash of light shot out of invisible something-or-other in front of them. Then right before them, there was an entrance. All black inside, but there nonetheless.

“It’s like The Voyage Home,” Alice squeaked, then grabbed Benny’s arm.

He felt her shivering and it only made his own nerves worse. He tried to hide it by taking several deep breaths.

“I’m going inside,” he said.

“I’m not sure that’s a good idea.”

“I’m not sure pressing that button was a good idea, but you still did it.” Benny grimaced, but only because the light had faded and he knew Alice could no longer see him. “We’ve gotta see if there’s anyone inside. They could be hurt. You know I’m right.”

“Heh, right maybe, but it doesn’t need to be us that finds out.”

He knew she was right, but he wanted to be the one to find out. All the stories and conspiracy theories of humans capturing aliens flashed into his mind. Then the thing he believed, that life existed elsewhere and was probably much more like the television series he watched daily and swore by. They had to be like Spock.

Benny stepped forward and pulled from Alice’s grasp. “If you don’t want to go, stay here,” he said.

He only looked back briefly before entering the dark entrance. Then he sucked in a deep breath in case there was no oxygen inside.

The moment his foot hit a hard surface inside, everything lit up. Including a smallish, blue-skinned being no more than two feet tall. Its three fingered hands were in the air like an old western stickup. Its goose egg shaped eyes were shut tight.

“No, no! No probe!” It shouted.

Benny didn’t have time to panic. It all happened so fast. And the tiny being cowering just a few feet away looked so… harmless. Even though his heart still raced and his breath had caught in his chest, Benny didn’t run.

He swallowed hard instead.

“I… I… I…” he stuttered, “don’t have… a probe.”

To this, the smallish being lowered its hands and opened its eyes.

“No probe?”

Benny shook his head and squinted, then realized this little being was speaking English.

“How do you know what to say?”

Before it answered, Alice walked in behind him. He felt her presence and then heard her.

“Ahhhh!!!!” she screamed once, twice, and kept on screaming.

Then the being screamed.

Both screaming continuously until Benny finally screamed too, “Shut up!” Maybe he was more panicked than he thought because his voice seemed to echo more than the other two combined and he looked back and forth as both stared at him, eyes opened wide.

Benny took some deep breaths and passed out.


Benny woke on his back with Alice slapping his face repeatedly. He gasped when he saw not just her head leaned over him, but the smallish being’s as well. He almost passed out again, but managed to calm himself.

“You have custom Twilight Sparkle pony?” It asked. “Me no have custom Twilight Sparkle.”

In shock, Benny merely shook his head.

“The custom painted Arisia Lang Twilight Sparkle pony is mine,” Alice corrected.

“How do you know about that?” Benny finally asked when he regained enough composure.

“Me listen. You Bronies? Yes?”

Alice laughed. Benny stared into the ceiling of the ship. Finally, he nodded.

“Yes, I suppose you could call us that. And Trekkies. Geeks. Whatever.”

“Me love ponies! You take me Bronycon now.” The little being’s eyes lit up, complete with a sparkle. It reminded Benny of his My Little Pony™ collection. Their eyes had sparkles too.

“There’s no Bronycon this time of year.” Benny sat up, and to his surprise, the little being helped him. Its skin was soft as silk. He wanted to keep touching it, but got to his feet instead.

“You make Bronycon here!” It jumped up and down. “I call my friends. We use field and house!”

“No!” Benny shouted, and Alice jumped slightly. “You can’t do that. My roommates will be home soon. And what happens when the military arrives? Aren’t you afraid?”

“No, no,” it said. “Military no see me. They see crop circle. You have wood plank? We fakey them out.” Then it laughed in a symphony of notes.

“We have no power,” he said.

“We borrow from my ship.” The being smiled.

Benny looked at Alice who no longer appeared afraid. Her cheeks were rosy and she seemed slightly excited by the notion. But Benny couldn’t risk it.

“No, I’m sorry. We just can’t do that. You must not call your friends.”

Benny felt slightly crazy. He was speaking to a smallish blue being from space that wanted him to host a Brony convention? He was now questioning his earlier choice to eat his roommate’s brownies.

The being grabbed his lower lip as if he were contemplating something.

“But… me already call friends. They here if five, four, three, two, one, here!” It jumped and clapped its odd hands.

Just then more lightning struck. Several cracks at once from the look of it. Each crack’s flash filled the tiny ship. From how many hit, the lightning had a bit of strobe light effect.

“Shit, Alice! What are we going to do?”

Alice shrugged. “You’re the one who wanted to meet the out-of-towners.” She had a look of surrender and finally left the ship.

The smallish being was about to follow Alice, but then wobbled back and pressed some sort of button on the wall. A drawer popped out full of pony ears, tails, and rainbow tutus. The being slipped on a tutu, a tail, and some ears, then wobbled for the door.

“Wait,” Benny said, “If you’re my guest, I’d like to know your name?”

“Bah.” It said, then stuck out his three-fingered hand.

Benny shook it. “I’m Benny.”

The being smiled and made its way to the door.

Benny followed it outside and saw so many circles under the moonlight that he was sure there were even more beyond his dimly lit view. Even Alice had largely faded from view as she appeared to be greeting new arrivals. He had to rub his eyes, I’ve got to be dreaming, he thought.

The more he rubbed his eyes, the more he realized he was fully awake. Watching as at least fifty smallish beings in pony garb followed Alice into his house. He rushed after them.

By the time he reached his backdoor and the overhead light hit them, he saw that they weren’t all blue. They were all colors of the rainbow and some that he was sure looked far different than his human eyes could comprehend. And each tutu, pony ear, and tail pairings were unique.

The smallish beings filed inside and Benny waited. Watching as each passed by him before he finally followed them inside. There were too many to count. And Bah was smiling wide as it joined its brethren.

He followed them up the stairs and was just about to turn the corner when he heard Alice laugh and tell some of them she’s was putting on some music. Benny made his way around and saw her, his beautiful troll doll best friend, smiling wide as she looked down at the beings she’d been so afraid of just a bit ago. Now she appeared cool and excited as she pulled out his dance mix.

Benny felt his cheeks flush instantly. He didn’t like others knowing he listened to singers Aretha Franklin and Frank Sinatra, but then again, these beings weren’t human. The moment Respect blared over the speaker, Alice began flailing her arms in some sort of dance attempt and the little beings did too.

All he could do was laugh and join them.

At least ten songs played before Benny tired and headed to the kitchen for a drink. Before he made it, however, the front door opened and Ferguson—one of his two roommates—came through the door.

Benny froze.

“Heya!” Ferguson shouted in a slur. “Hans…” belch “is staying at Mandy’s tonight.” Ferguson grabbed his gut as he continued to burp.

“Uh, come this way.” Benny ushered him into the kitchen, unaware there were more smallish beings in his dining area.

“What the fuck?” Ferguson shouted as a little green one approached. Complete with pink ponytail and ears.

“I can explain,” Benny began, but was interrupted.

“You’re having a Brony party? Why didn’t you tell me?”

Benny eyed Ferguson. Then looked around to the dozen beings all cheering around him. They were obviously too small to be human. Children maybe, but did Ferguson think he’d have kids over to play pony?

“Ferg,” Benny said, “How much did you have to drink tonight?”


“Sssouple a drinks,” he tried to speak, but spit instead.

“I see.” Benny smiled, realizing Ferguson had no idea there were even aliens around. “Well, we’re all upstairs dancing. Want to join us?”

“Shhuur,” Ferguson said, then headed upstairs.

Benny grabbed some water and hurried after Ferguson.

Once upstairs again, he watched his two close friends laughing and having a great time dancing with a species not his own. They danced for hours until Ferguson finally began sobering up and he rubbed his eyes several times as if trying to figure out what he was seeing. Benny quickly rushed Ferguson to his room.

“Time for bed,” he said.

Ferguson protested, but Benny didn’t want to explain to a recently sobered dude why there were aliens dressed at ponies dancing to Frank Sinatra in their house.

His sobering friend wandered off to his room and the moment the door closed, Benny announced it was time for everyone to leave.

Benny expected protest, but the sun would be up soon and the smallish beings seemed to understand that. They began gathering by the door and slowly filing out one by one. Benny quickly looked around for Bah.

“Alice? Have you seen where Bah went?”

She shook her head and leaned over to say goodbye to some of the beings she’d been dancing with.

Benny hurried through the house and didn’t find Bah. His heart felt heavy as he headed for the door. He hoped Bah hadn’t left yet.

The weight lifted from his heart as he saw Bah stepping out of its ship cradling something in its hands. It walked over to Benny and held up a tiny ship that looked like Bah’s ship.

“For your collection,” it said. Then smiled so wide Benny thought his grin would travel right off his face.

“Thank you. I… I don’t know what to say.”

“You take. Hang from ceiling. Remember me.”

“I will. Wait here.”

Benny ran back inside and pulled out his most prized pony. He’d been working on his own custom pony for over a year and had finally finished Rainbow Dash. He held it tight for a moment, then rushed back out to Bah.

When Benny reached Bah, most of the ships had gone. Evident by the smaller crack each made as they left. At least this time there wasn’t lightning lighting up the sky too.

Benny urged Bah closer to the ship so they could use the light inside to see. Then he uncovered Rainbow Dash.

“I want you to have this,” he said. Then handed it to Bah.

Bah’s lower lip trembled and he cupped his hands around the pony and held it to his chest.

“Thank you. You good friend, Benny.”

“Will I ever see you again?”

“Next year maybe for more Bronycon. Now we travel.” It smiled.

“That sounds great.” Benny hugged Bah, and Bah tried to hug him back. His tiny arms only fitting halfway around Benny. “You all are kinda like Bronies in space.”

“That is us!” Bah laughed and got on his ship. “Be seeing you soon.”

Benny backed up and felt Alice at his side, her arm slowly wrapping around his. They watched as Bah and the last of the smallish beings left.

“Shall we watch the movie now?” Alice asked.

“Nah,” Benny said. “I’m tired. This has been the strangest night. If I don’t get some sleep, I might think this all a paranoid delusion. Not to mention, Bah’s ship is gone. Which means we have no power again.”

“Good point. To bed it is.”

Both made their way inside and crashed on the first soft surface. Benny held the little ship close to him as he tried to fall asleep. He hoped he would get to see the out-of-towners again one day. Next time he’ll be more prepared with plenty of pony decorations.


The End

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