To Report or Not to Report: A Review

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Recently, I purchased To Report or Not to Report: Survivor Testimony of the (In)Justice System by Resonance Press. The book is broken into three parts: Survivor testimony of those that didn’t report, survivor testimony of those that did report, and finally, perspectives from professionals.

These stories are heartfelt and cut deeply as I thought about my own experiences. Through the authors’ bravery and openness, I was able to witness some of their pain. These strangers, many far away from me, feel like family. Survivor family.

Part of what made this collection so powerful for me was the third section. The way the editor laid the book out led to the perfect ending. One where hope was left for survivors. Not just hope, but an understanding of just how and why our system is so broken. With that knowledge, we can then work to fix it.

The editor, Emily Jacob, is a survivor herself. Her own healing led her to become a coach, working with survivors via the ReConnected Life Experience.

The ReConnected Life Experience will take you from merely surviving, to thriving. Delivered as an online course, or through one-to-one coaching, the ReConnected Life Experience will take you from a life of self-blame, of feeling out of control, of distrusting yourself and others, of living a small & narrow life; to a life of joy, of variety, of confidence. You will look forward to what the future holds, with a happy, hopeful heart.

This book touched me. I highly recommend it if you’re a survivor yourself or even if you’re supporting one. These topics are never easy to read about, but they are vital if we are to change anything for the better.

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