Panelist Schedule for Norwescon 43


Relationship Communication

8:00pm – 9:00pm @ Mt. Rainier

Sar Surmick (M), Stella Harris, Sheye Anne Blaze, Sienna Saint-Cyr

Whether you’re monogamous, polyamorous, or anywhere else on the spectrum of relationship styles, effective communication takes practice. Are you listening to understand or to respond? Are you full of judgment or openness? Join panelists as they unpack the effective styles of communication. All-ages friendly.


Is Asking Okay?

12:00pm – 1:00pm @ Mt. Rainier

Sienna Saint-Cyr (M), Annie Carl, Elsa Sjunneson, Xander Odell

When it comes to disabilities, whether intellectual, physical, or developmental, many of us are taught not to look (because it might be deemed staring) or to ask questions (because it might be seen as rude). But has this teaching helped or might it be marginalizing those with disabilities even further? Join this panelist led discussion.

Interview with Claire Eddy and Tor Spotlight

1:00pm – 2:00pm @ Evergreen 

Sienna Saint-Cyr (M), Claire Eddy

Interview with Tor Books Executive Editor, Claire Eddy, and “Tor Presents: Calling All Book Lovers” a video preview of what’s coming up from Tor Books.


Kushiel’s Dart – Jacqueline Carey and Claire Eddy

1:00pm – 2:00pm @ Evergreen 

Sienna Saint-Cyr (M), Jacqueline Carey, Claire Eddy

Jacqueline Carey and Claire Eddy discuss the author-editor relationship behind Kushiel’s Dart, the first in book in the New York Times best selling series, Kushiel’s Legacy.

Body Positivity: Be Like Lizzo

3:00pm – 4:00pm @ Mt. Rainier

Sienna Saint-Cyr (M), Sang Kromah, Shweta Adhyam, Sonja Thomas

We’ve all heard that body positivity is important and that we should be confident in who we are. But that can be so hard when society is constantly telling us that we’re flawed if we’re not ‘thin and white’. Can Lizzo set us right? Join panelists as they discuss Lizzo and how she’s fighting back by being her authentic, beautiful, badass self.

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